In which situation should I use a ScanBox/Cheek Retractor?
You should only order a ScanBox/Cheek Retractor if your doctor has prescribed you to do so, and provided you with access to the DM Application. In this case, you will be using your ScanBox/Cheek Retractor to take intra-oral pictures of your mouth, when prompted by the DM app.

How many times can I use my ScanBox/Cheek Retractor?
Many times. They are meant to be used for your entire treatment and more. You won’t need to buy another one unless you notice any signs of over-ware or damage such as cracks. In this case, please do not pursue use and contact us shortly.

Can I share my ScanBox/Cheek Retractor with someone else?
The ScanBox can be shared, still make sure to clean it periodically. But for hygienic reasons, Cheek Retractor is not meant to be shared and must always be cleaned after use. Refer to Instructions For Use for further information.

What if my ScanBox/Cheek Retractor doesn’t work?
There is no reason for this to happen, but our devices are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase.

What should I do if my ScanBox/Cheek Retractor is damaged when I receive it?
Contact our Customer Support by phone or by email for replacement.

How do I use the ScanBox/Cheek retractor?
Read carefully the instructions for Use provided with your ScanBox/Cheek retractor. Then you can look at the following tutorial: 

I have ordered my ScanBox / Cheek retrators, but haven’t received anything
Due to the current situation, you may experience delays in receiving your ScanBox / Cheek retractor, we are doing our best to deliver you in the shortest time possible. You can also contact our Customer Support by phone or by email to check on your parcel?