Dental Monitoring is the revolutionary app that allows your doctor to follow up with your dental treatment remotely and observe your intraoral condition, just like at an in-office appointment. The DM ScanBox and DM Cheek Retractor (with metallic insert) are designed to simplify the process of taking detailed photos of the inside of your mouth using the Dental Monitoring App.


Attention: Order only if prescribed by your doctor and if you’ve been provided with an account for using the application.

Legal information: DM Cheek Retractor is designed to draw the cheeks and lips from the buccal and labial surfaces of the teeth and gums during scanning procedures performed with products marketed by Dental Monitoring. It is indicated for use by patients over the age of 6 and it is to be used in professional healthcare facilities, such as a dental practice, or in a non-healthcare environment, such as the patient’s own home.